Friday, August 14, 2015

Episode 11: Christian Copycats: Really Nessecary?

In this, our 11th episode, We tackle the someone controversial topic of christian copycats of other media. Lake also makes an epic blooper that will not soon be forgotten, and Team Fortress 2 comes into it somehow.
Hosts: LakethePondling, Slayersbane
Guest: Knight of the Light
 Editing and Production: LakethePondling

The AiO Videos were an example of original Christian entertainment.

Bible. Apples to Apples. 'Nuff Said

Auto B. Good. For those parents who want to add moral lessons to Cars.

Batman+Scripture= Bibleman!?!?


  1. I think the problem with a lot of the Christian copycat media isn't that it's technically copycat. I think the problem is that instead of writing something in a similar genre because the writer likes the genre, they're doing it because they have a problem with the mainstream stuff and want to make a "moral alternative." When a writer likes the genre, such as how Lake and I like the superhero genre, we try to make something that's fun, God glorifying, and hopefully better than the original stories.
    In the case of the Christian ripoffs of secular stuff, I think the problem is that the makers are only trying to take out the "bad" stuff and replace it with moral lessons, not trying to make something better than the original, and they're also trying to cash in on trends, probably trends they don't even like.
    With parents buying this stuff, I think the issue could be partially guilt. The kids are watching TV all the time, so they feel less guilty if the kids are watching something with a message.